About the artist

Rescued greyhound galgo
With Liú, one of the galgos I fostered and found a home for

I'm a relative newcomer to the world of art and sculpture, an artist whose vocation took its own sweet time to manifest itself.


I started sculpting at age 50, in January 2016 in Leo Tavella's teaching studio in Argentina. I had dabbled in pottery before, but suddenly an exciting new world opened up before my eyes. This was something that I had been unknowingly searching for -something that would allow me to express my love for animals, and most particularly for galgos and greyhounds. I have a profound relationship with these dogs, based on aesthetic admiration early on, and later on love and then pity and worry over their abuse and helplessness in the face of exploitation.


Since 2009 I have been actively involved in the rescue, fostering and adoption of galgos, so these beautiful dogs have deep roots in my soul.  At any given time there are between 5 and 8 "live models" living with me, posing and providing all the inspiration I could need with their beauty and dignity.  Not to mention their clowning around once they have recovered! 


Horses were my overriding childhood passion, so in 2018 I started making their likenesses too.  Sighthounds and horses share many physical characteristics, both having lean, muscular and elegant bodies built for speed that give me great aesthetic pleasure.  But though they are creatures of speed, this is not what defines them in my eyes, and I choose to depict them at rest or play, concentrating on their personalities and attitudes and, frequently, on their inherent fragility.


My first piece, an alert greyhound, sold well in a themed auction. The second sold quickly as well and suddenly I found myself faced with a choice.  From that time on, I have taken part in several exhibitions and art fairs. In 2017, my piece "The Watchdog" was selected for the 59th International Annual Ceramics Salon, and obtained an honorable mention.


I feel I have not yet reached the limit of my possibilities, and each new piece is a possibility to improve and explore how far I can go in this technically challenging art.


I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Ceramic sculpture of whippet greyhound galgo
This was my first piece ever, "La Primera", in 2016
Ceramic sculpture of whippet greyhound galgo
"La Primera", just arrived in its home in France